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Functionality of a bed, a desk, or bookshelf. Use for display above bed
or match your surrounding cabinets. 




This is one of our most popular options. 
Bed stands vertically using the least square footage in a room while folded up.

The veritcal orientation makes it easy for 2 to sleep side by side. 

oak nat vertical1.1.jpg

Vertical wall beds are offered in our Premium Piston mechanism and our cost conscious Spring option.  

Spring Mechanism

Our Standard Murphy wall beds use a spring lift  mechanism.

  • Easy to install on your DIY options
  • ​Spring Beds include a metal frame

  • Please Note: All of our Murphy Bed Frame Kits include enough springs for most light-to-standard weight mattresses and panel material you might attach to the frame.

  • Limited lifetime manufacturers warranty.

Piston Mechanism

Until now, adjusting a murphy bed that was “too heavy” or “too light” meant taking the murphy bed apart in order to add or remove one or more bulky, hazardous metal springs. It’s one of the many reasons manufacturers and customers prefer state-of-the-art pistons instead of old-fashioned metal springs.


  • Your wall bed will easily go up or come down with as little as a finger with our adjustable mechanism which now comes standard on all our premium beds

  • state of the art piston lift mechanism with few moving parts.

  • The piston is not subject to metal fatigue or catastrophic failure.

  •  Limited lifetime manufacturers warranty.

To make the absolute best use of your limited space, consider adding side cabinets. Available in standard widths of 18" or 24" wide.
Side cabinet choices include Nightstands, Bookcases, Door Cabinets, Drawer Cabinets, Door & Drawer Cabinets, Hutches and Wardrobes. 


Consider one of our unfinished, pre-drilled and pre-cut
DIY Murphy Bed kits with detailed instructions. 
Contact Wall Bed Furniture today!

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