Our most popular styles of Murphy beds, in 3 separate styles
Mission, Traditional and Contemporary

              MISSION                         TRADITIONAL                   CONTEMPORARY            





Sleek, Clean, Most Trending 
The Mission has a sleek, craftsman look is a

design that emphasizes simple horizontal and

vertical lines and flat panels that accentuate the

grain of the wood.  This is a simple look that has

flat styles and rails. This style is also called

Prairie, Cottage or Craftsman. 



Rich, Timeless Style
The Traditional has a rich, elegant look.

Panels are raised in this style,

which includes soft curves and

simple design that is timeless and

transitional in many decors.  


Elegant Simplicity

The Clean Modern Contemporary. The panels

are flat and reminiscent of European design

with options for rich tones. Select a medium to

darker oak for a Mid-Century Modern look. 

Rasied Panel Queen bed
Mission Maple2.2.jpeg
Mission Maple3.2.jpeg