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Finish off your Murphy bed by adding a beautiful, functional and safe touch light system. This system includes three LED lights, touch switch, control box and safety cut-off. The light fixtures mount to  the bridge board of the Wall bed. This light system simply plugs into any standard plug outlet, and is simple to install. Hi - low-off easy to reach switch. Perfect lighting for late night reading!



Mattresses are inner spring surrounded by dense foam core sourced locally

and created to be held vertically.

We offer great prices and pass them off to you for your most luxurious bed and the best sleep.  Twin Full Queen from $525-$725


You may use any mattress that is under 80lbs and 12 inches thick.


Backsense - Innerspring Mattress - Therapedic



In a spare room or home office,

this table functions like a desk

giving ample space for craft work,

bill-paying, letter writing, lap top

use and more. Or in an apartment

where floor space is a challenge,

this can be used as a dining table. 

  • This unique drop down table is

      designed to attach to the face

      of most vertical Wallbeds. 

  • Recognizing that each of the Wallbed styles has a unique face design, the table leg is designed to match the style of bed you choose. 

  • The drop down table is held securely in place by two "thumb-slide" locks positioned in the center of the table, one at the top and one at the bottom.

  • These thumb-slides move just like they sound, just slide them up or down with your thumb. 

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We are happy to announce our new Wallbed Care Kit. We recognize your desire to keep your new Wallbed, Cabinets and Home Office looking good for decades to come. We are constantly asked, "How do I care for my new Wallbed"? In response to our customer requests, We have gone to work and assembled those furniture care items that will help you properly care for your new Wallbed.

                                                          This Care kit includes: 
                                                       • Liquid Wool Lubricant  & Polish 
                                                       • Professional Filler stick and Stain Pen by Mohawk 
                                                       • Three dusting and cleaning cloths
                                                       • All items are housed in an easy to store Care Kit Box

  • Our furniture polish/cleaner is a wonderful product that will help you maintain the beauty of your new wallbed as well as many other furniture items in your home.

  • This product safely and effectively cleans, polishes, & protects your wallbed, cabinets and wood surfaces. It also removes wax or polish build up and will hide minor scratches.

  • Apply with a soft cloth. Wipe off any excess and buff to a clean, bright luster.

  • If unsure about the surface, test in an inconspicuous area.

  • Read the label for other important information.

Filler Stick

  • This Filler Stick is a handy tool to have if you get a dent or gouge in the finish.

  • This is a professional touch up product and is extremely effective at reducing or eliminating the unsightly appearance of the damaged area.

  • The Filler Stick is very easy to use.

    • Simply "scribble" as though you are using a crayon cross-ways of the damaged area, at this time don't worry about the excess filler material on the finish; we'll clean that off in a minute.

    • As you scribble back and forth, you will notice the hole filling up with the Filler material.

    • Once the damage is completely filled, take a clean white cloth and scrub off the excess filler material                                  on the surface around the damaged area. (again in a cross-ways manner) 

    • When you are done, the damaged area should have a nice flat appearance, without dips or divots.

  • The Filler Stick material is now very easy to color using the Stain Pen and dobbing it on sparingly.

  • Once you get the color to your satisfaction, it will set and harden over time, usually weeks.

  • It is important to replace the Filler Stick into its case after use; failure to do this will cause the Filler Stick to harden, become unworkable and will permanently damage the Filler Stick.

Stain Pen


  • Our Stain Pen is very simple to use and will successfully hide most scratches and abrasions.

  • Remember that the liquid in the pen is actual furniture stain, so be careful around your fabric and other wood items.

  • There are several successful ways to apply the stain to the damaged area, depending on the size and shape of the area.

    • You can try the dobbing method or simply draw a line on the affected area.

    • Sometimes it takes more than one try to get the finish that you would like, so we're going to teach you a trick.

      • If you will take the Stain Pen in one hand and a clean white cloth in your other hand.

      • Quickly re-mark the area with the stain pen again, then immediately use the clean cloth to scrub off the old stain mark.

      • It will, if done quickly, come off completely. This will allow you to work the area until you get the finish that you desire.

      • Once you get the desired finish, leave the area alone for several hours and the stain will set permanently.

  • It is important to replace the cap on the Stain Pen; failure to do this will cause the tip to dry out and will permanently damage the Stain Pen.

Dusting Cloths


  • We include three Dusting Cloths in the Care Kit. So, if one is in the laundry, there will always be another ready for use.

  • Once the cloth has been used, simply launder it as you would your other cleaning cloths in the home.



  • Lastly, the container gives you a place to store all of the Care Kit items, so, you'll know exactly where your kit is when you need it.

  • We hope you find these items as indispensable as we do!