Why buy from Wall Bed Furniture?

We are the manufacturer, so pricing is direct, saving you hundreds of dollars on comparable products. We offer a great selection of styles, wood types, color choices, & cabinet selections. We construct the bed from furniture grade veneered plywood for strength - no chip board materials are used. Our Wall Bed Furniture is available in vertical or horizontal applications. We even have the ability to make custom sizes for our cabinetry to fit your available space. You will find our construction techniques and hardware ensure you'll own your Wall Bed Furniture for a life time. Do business with a professional shop and team members.


Where can I see a Wall Bed Murphy bed?

You can visit our showroom located in Hudson, WI. We also offer a very informative & easy to navigate website. If you can't find what you're looking for, we likely have a photo or a drawing that we can e-mail to you.


Can I pick up my Wall Bed Furniture?

Of Course. Picking it up yourself is the most cost effect method of delivery. This link will give you an example of what it entails. 


Tell me more about your piston lift mechanism.

There is no floor mounting. Your Murphy bed attaches to the wall with three screws. Therefore the unit is able to be moved to a new room or a different residence as your needs change. This mechanism is completely contained within the cabinet and once set only needs to possibly be adjusted if you change mattresses. That is a wonderful feature of our unique mechanism. Lastly, the piston is not subject to metal fatigue or failure.


Is the install permanent or can I take it with me when I move?

Every wall bed & desk unit is designed and installed so that it can be moved in the future. If you move around the corner, across the nation, or simply want to change it's position in your home, the Wall Bed Furniture products can be moved.


How difficult is it to install my new Wall Bed Furniture

Once our product is in your home there will be some assembly required. But no need to worry, we will provide you with step by step instructions, videos & all the necessary tools needed to assemble your products. The only thing you'll need is a drill to install the murphy bed to your wall. Still have questions? Feel free to contact us anytime for additional help.


What if I don't want to install my Wall Bed Furniture myself?

If you live in the western Wisconsin or Twin Cities area we can install your Wall Bed Furniture for you. In other areas, we have a list of professional "installers" that you can hire to install your Wall Bed Furniture. If you happen to live in an area where none of these services exist, we can help you locate a qualified handyman.


How does my Wall Bed Furniture ship to me?

We currently have a complete nationwide white glove delivery service that will put your bed in the room of your choice up to 2 flights of stairs.  Once delivered all packaging will be removed from your home. 


How long does it take to get my Wall Bed Furniture?

Production time is approximately 6-8 weeks plus shipping, delivery or installation; however depending on production load at the time that you place your order, the time frame can be shorter or longer, but will be posted on the purchase page.


How do I care for my  new Wall Bed Furniture?

Simply obtain a "non solvent" based furniture cleaner/polish and Micro-Fiber towel to care for your Wall Bed. Each of these products is environmentally safe.


What about your wood finishes?

We have 4 standard wood species: Knotty Alder, Oak, Premium Cherry and  Premium Maple.

Each wood species come in 4 different stain finishes: Natural, Nutmeg, Cocoa and Java. We also offer 4 premium paint selections - Classic White, Onyx, Coblestone and Jet Grey.

We also offer custom wood species & finishes if you are looking for something in particular!


Tell me about your door/drawer hardware.

Our drawer boxes have a Blum under mount soft/self closing mechanism that allows the drawers to close quietly so there is no unwanted noise. The hinges on our doors have a concealed 6 way adjustable soft/self closing mechanism that allows the hinge to not be visible as well as making the doors close quietly.


What payment options do you offer? Do you offer monthly installment plans?

We offer payment options of major credit/debit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. You can also conveniently use Apple Pay or Google Pay when paying in-store.

We also offer monthly installment financing through Square Installments. You can find out more info here. Murphy bed financing.


What is your warranty?

Our mechanism is warranted for life to the original purchaser. This means from the day you purchase it for as long as you own it, if you experience any type of mechanism failure, excluding abuse, the replacement parts will be sent to you. We also guarantee your satisfaction with a 90 day money back offer subject to a 25% restocking fee.


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